November 27, 2018: Scott Hanley WA9STI: Summits on the Air (SOTA)

Summits on the Air (SOTA) is communication activity for radio amateurs based on portable HF and VHF operation from mountain peaks and hilltops around the world. Scott has gone to over 170 summits in 21 states and in Ireland to operate ham radio in the outdoors. He will talk about the radios, antennas, batteries, and hiking gear that he takes on his trips, and will bring his pack to show the equipment he carries. The talk will also cover the use of APRS, a hiking plan, and the 146.52 Wilderness Protocol. Besides traveling to a SOTA summit, he will explain how one can participate in SOTA activity from home QTH.

Scott was first licensed at age 13 in 1966. Two months after getting his novice license, his mother took him on the train to the federal building in downtown Chicago where he successfully passed his general class exam. He has been on the air ever since. Communicating via amateur radio in the outdoors is one of his passions, including using low power SSB and CW while camping, going to remote locations to work Field Day as a solo 1B operator, participating in the 2016 National Parks on the Air event, helping on the Baker to Vegas race, and hiking trails to set up his equipment on summits. Scott is a member of the ARES LAX (Northwest District) and the Los Angeles County Disaster Communication Service (DCS).