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SPECIAL NOTE: If you were a member in 2020, you will automatically be renewed for 2021 without needing to pay dues for 2021. Hence the renewal options below are DISABLED. The club's Board of Directors decided on this action because expenses in 2020 were far lower than usual, a result of the COVID-19 mandates. If you have already renewed for 2021, you will be credited for a further year of membership in 2022 (unless you make other arrangements).

Anyone interested in Amateur Radio is welcome to join our club. Membership is on a calendar year basis. Dues are $25 per year, payable on January 1 of each year. Full-time regular students may apply for membership at $10 per year. First time members joining after August 31 will be considered to have paid dues through the following calendar year.

We welcome new membership applications at any time.

There are TWO options for submitting your application and paying your dues, or for renewing your existing membership. One is to fill out a paper form and write a check to accompany it. The other is to submit your application online and pay the membership dues online using PayPal or credit card. Here are the details.


For this option, download the application form from the links below — the same form is used for both new members and renewals. Complete the form and hand it with your check to the Treasurer at one of our club meetings. Alternatively, mail the form and your check to the club's Post Office box (shown on the form).

Links to download the membership application form

Membership application form -
a DOC file that is a form you can fill out using Microsoft Word and then print

Membership application form -
a PDF file that you can print and then fill out by hand


For this option, you apply to join the club or renew your existing membership using the online form on this web page, including paying your club dues. For the payment of dues, we accept PayPal and a range of credit cards or debit cards. PLEASE NOTE: To use the on-line application, your browser needs to have JavaScript enabled.

Renewals for 2021 are automatic, hence disabled below. See Special Note at the head of this page.

Please indicate application type: This application form will expand according to the application type you select — see lower part of page.
… You need to fill out the full range of information where applicable.
… For members renewing for a year, with no changes to information. You will not be asked to fill out the full range of information. But if you have any changes, please select the next option.
… For members renewing for a year, and some information has changed. Apart from your name and email, preferably also your call sign (if you have one), and payment-related information, only changed information need be entered.
Name & call sign:
 (if you have one)

Please fill out all applicable information.


After the above entries for name, email, and call sign (if you have one) are completed, the sections below are required for new memberships, and also for membership renewal where information about the member has changed, such as a new license class or a new address. For the latter type of renewal, only the changed information needs to be entered.

Online application (continued)
I am a student:
Receive monthly newsletter electronically ONLY:
License class:
ARRL member:
Contact information:
Online application (continued) Additional person You can petition for licensed amateurs in the same household to become members at no extra cost. To do so, please click the Yes button, then supply information in the fields that then appear below. If there is more than one such person, please contact us separately and include all the information below.
Indicate whether additional person required:
Call sign (additional person):
License class (additional person):
ARRL member (additional person):
Name and contact info (additional person):
Submit form: Enter NAME OF OWNER of the credit card or PayPal account you will be using for your payment. Then click 'Submit & make payment'.

  Clears all current entries in all parts of this form