Our club has a Group at with a mailing list that allows us to pass on interesting information to others in the most timely manner. Group members can post pictures, files, and other items they wish to share with the Group.

Membership in the Group is open to all interested in amateur radio, especially in the Pasadena area and the San Gabriel Valley. It is not necessary to be a member of the Pasadena Radio Club.


We are grateful to have a Group at, serving an important club function. is an on-line service providing mailing-list and other types of function. It is entirely independent of our club.

Joining the group

Here is one of several possible ways to join the Group. (Make sure you follow both of the steps below.)

Step 1

Before you can join the Group, you need to be a member. If you aren't already a member, go to and click the Sign Up link, which is at the top right hand side of the page. If you are hesitant about yet another web account, note that this one is free and generates no spam. (NOTE: When registering you will see two links labeled “Register using Facebook” and “Register using Google.” To maximize your internet security, we recommend that you do not choose either of these. Instead, specify your regular email address, even if it is a Google gmail address, and use a separate, unique password for

Step 2

Once you are registered as a member, follow this procedure to join the Group:

Log in to using your email address and password.

Access the club's Group by going to

Click the button “Apply for membership in this group,” which is located towards the bottom of the page.

You are then asked to enter your email address. After doing so, click on the button labeled Confirm Email Address.

You are then sent a confirmation email. When you read the email, the email will contain a link labeled Confirm Account button. Click on that link.

You then see a page titled “Your account has been confirmed.” There is also a link “Visit your groups.” One of the groups listed will be PasadenaRadioClub. (If you click on it, you will be taken to the Group page, and a header will display the message: “Your subscription has not yet been approved.“)

Your request will be reviewed by one of the Group Moderators. When the moderator gives approval, you will receive an email saying “Welcome to the group.”

You can then visit the group page at to add or view content.


The Group is currently set up to send meeting reminders. If that generates more traffic than you would like, you can set your preferences to receive a Digest or Daily Summary. To set these preferences, after logging in to the Group page at, click the Subscription link.

To Unsubscribe or remove yourself from the Group, go to the bottom of the preferences page and click Unsubscribe.

To send an email to the entire Group

Once you are a member of the Goup, use this email address: