On the air


The Club does not have its own phone (audio) repeater. We do have our own small packet station, located in a building owned by the City of Pasadena and maintained by John Minger AC6VV. We use the following repeaters with the kind permission of their respective owners.

Telephone Company ARC W6MPH 145.180 (-) PL 156.7
JPL ARC WR6JPL 147.150 (+) PL 103.5
JPL ARC WR6JPL 224.080 (-) PL 156.7
JPL ARC WR6JPL 445.20 (-) PL 103.5
Mountain Repeater Assn. K6VE 224.480 (-) PL 110.9
Club Packet mailbox W6KA-10 145.630 Node= MIRDOR
w/crosslink to 2M W6KA-10 223.600  

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We host a weekly net, every Tuesday at 7:00 p.m. Pacific Time, except meeting nights and maybe holidays. This two-meter net is conducted on the local Telephone Company repeater W6MPH, at 145.180 MHz with a minus (-) shift and a PL of 156.7 — as mentioned elsewhere on this page.

The format is casual with an emphasis on discussing your ham radio interests and club news. The net is a safe environment to talk about your favorite aspects of the hobby, to discuss what's happening with the club, and to practice your radio skills.

Everyone is invited to participate including new hams and visitors (non-club members).

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