March 28, 2017: Marty Woll N6VI: NVIS — the ultimate backup in reliable regional communication

Hams involved in public-service communications have a tool that doesn't depend on repeaters or other infrastructure: HF using near-vertical-incidence skywave, or NVIS. This presentation describes the propagation characteristics, antenna choices and band selection involved in utilizing HF for regional communication.

Marty Woll N6VI has been in amateur radio for over fifty years and is a frequent speaker at radio clubs and conventions. A retired CPA with a major international accounting firm, he holds an Extra Class license and is a Life Member of the American Radio Relay League. Marty served two terms as ARRL’s Vice Director for the Southwestern Division. He is Assistant District Emergency Coordinator of the ARES Northwest District of the Los Angeles Section, a Battalion Communication Unit Leader and Training Officer for the Los Angeles Fire Department’s Auxiliary Communication Service, a licensing Volunteer Instructor and a Volunteer Examiner. Marty is a founding member of the Southern California Contest Club and has served as a member and chair of the ARRL’s Contest Advisory Committee. He has been President of the Southern California DX Club and chair of the Los Angeles Area Council of Radio Clubs. He participates regularly in contests from HF through 10 GHz. In over fifteen contest expeditions, Marty has set up and operated amateur radio stations on six continents.