January 26, 2016: Arnold Schatz N6HC: The TX3X DXpedition

Have you ever wondered about what it is like to participate in a major DXpedition to a deserted South Pacific Island? How do you organize and prepare for all eventualities when there is no radio store to fall back on? What is it like to travel on a two masted 78 foot ketch? What is it like to visit the capital city of New Caledonia – Noumea – and what will you find there? These questions…and more, will be answered by our guest speaker, Arnie Shatz, N6HC, as he relates the adventures of the October 2015 TX3X Chesterfield Island DXpedition team.

Arnie was first licensed in 1957 as KN3ANU in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He has been an ARRL member for more than fifty years and is a member of the Legacy Circle and Maxim Society. He serves as a Field QSL card checker for both ARRL and CQ awards. In the spirit of volunteerism, he has assisted in communications with the Hollywood Christmas Parade, various long distance races, and has staffed the amateur radio booth at the Orange County Fair. He was one of the amateur radio Captains for the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Radio station (NG84O). He is a member of the A-1 operators club, the Straight Key Century Club (#1309) and the Ten-Ten International club (#29959). He has earned many ARRL and CQ-Magazine operating awards including WAS (6 bands, SSB, CW, RTTY), DXCC Honor Roll, DXCC (8 bands, SSB, CW, RTTY), WAZ (CW & SSB), WAC, WPX and VUCC. He is an active contester and has won numerous certificates for participation in both domestic and DX competitions. His home station has been used by many guest operators and he has hosted visiting amateurs to Southern California at the “Hotel California” guest suite.