July 28, 2015: Doug Millar K6JEY: Sidewalk EME (Earth-Moon-Earth)

This talk is about developing 144 and 1,296 MHz EME stations at home that have the antennas on the driveway and the electronics in the garage. This is a very practical talk with an eye to giving the audience a realistic view of what it takes and what needs to be done to get on EME and work a variety of stations. It is simpler than it seems and more challenging than was thought. Therein lies the tale.

Doug Millar K6JEY has been a ham since 1957 and has been doing EME since 1990. He is the ARRL Technical Advisor in Metrology, having written the 26th chapter in the ARRL Handbook on that subject. He particularly enjoys HF CW, AM and boatanchors, and microwaves. Doug has radios on bands up to 122GHz. He holds an EdD in Educational Technology and is a semi-retired professor.