November 25, 2014: Dave Glenn N6TEB: VHF rovering

Roving contents at VHF-and-higher frequencies present their own unique challenges and carry a sense of awe and accomplishment.

In this presentation Dave shows how the various “no holes rover” evolved from an initial four band setup to a 12 band point making machine. He explains how 6 meters to 24 ghz plus Laser allowed them to take first place several years, often scoring in the top ten. The talk begins with a basic explanation of the current rover rules and how to strategize for a winning score. But the best part of roving is you're allowed to work the same stations again every time you reach a new grid square. This keeps the game fun and exciting from beginning to end.  

Dave Glenn, N6TEB was first licensed in 1970. After working in commercial broadcast as Chief Engineer in the 70’s, he returned to ham radio in 1984 when family life and a regular day job held more interest than the excitement of working in broadcasting. A life member of the ARRL, Dave holds an Extra class license and enjoys building kits, cobbling together microwave radios and playing with various software defined radios. He is currently serving as President of the Downey Amateur Radio Club.