February 24, 2014: Gary Wong W6GSW: Broadband Hamnet

Broadband-Hamnet™ (BBHN, formerly called HSMM–Mesh™) is a high speed, self-discovering, self-configuring and fault tolerant wireless computer network.  While the developers’ focus is on emergency communications, BBHN can be uses for many applications.

Originally designed to use low–cost Linksys routers repurposed for operation on Amateur frequencies, BBHN is now available for Ubiquiti equipment.  Others are experimenting with BBHN using Raspberry Pi computers.

Among BBHN’s many uses are voice communication, file sharing, email, streaming video and Internet access.  The presentation will include an overview, the process of installing BBHN and demonstrate some of these applications.

Gary S. Wong, W6GSW, focuses most of his Amateur Radio efforts on emergency communications.  Interested in digital communications, he has operated a Winlink RMS Packet gateway since 2010, supporting local Amateurs, NTS and emcomm activities. Gary is active in the Los Angeles Section of the Amateur Radio Emergency Service and also supports a number of local CERT groups and other organizations.