April 25, 2023: John Krug N9UPC: Yaesu's System Fusion and WIRES-X

PLEASE NOTE: Because our in-person meeting location is unavailable, this presentation will be webcast on the internet. See the IMPORTANT NOTE at the top of this page.

This month’s speaker has a background in public safety. He is currently the National Sales Manager for Yaesu and is a System Fusion and repeater specialist. A decade ago he became interested and subsequently involved in the development of digital voice modes for both commercial and amateur applications. He will tell us about some of the history of the Yaesu brand and the motivation for developing System Fusion, how WIRES-X (an internet communications system for extending the range of ham radio communication) fits into System Fusion (Yaesu’s digital communications methodology), and how they sit in the ever-growing digital landscape.

John Kruk N9UPC has been involved with amateur radio since 1993 and has his Extra-class license. In addition to exploring amateur radio as a hobby, he is active in EMCOMM, ARES/RACES, digital voice communications, and other related fields. In addition to providing a local ham radio class every year, John is a volunteer examiner (VE), that is, he administers the qualifying exams for all amateur license class levels.