February 28, 2023: Michelle Thompson W5NYV: Advances in open-source digital radio and amateur satellite design arising from use of Linux

PLEASE NOTE: Because our in-person meeting location is unavailable, this presentation will be webcast on the internet. See the IMPORTANT NOTE at the top of this page.

This talk is about the impact of Linux on open source digital radio work and in particular how Linux has greatly benefited the terrestrial and satellite amateur radio services. The talk discusses the history of embedded Linux, gives context for how Linux is used in amateur radio, and describes detailed examples of where Linux is currently used..

Michelle Thompson W5NYV is the CEO of Open Research Institute, a non-profit research and develop organization that provides all of its work to the general public under the principles of Open Source. Michelle is a third generation amateur, beginning her ham radio journey in elementary school. Her interest in microwave circuit design in computers led her to a successful engineering career. And now as a board member of AMSAT, Michelle is an advocate for open source applied to satellite design, fueling future generations of amateur radio spacecraft.