May 26, 2020: Mike Newman KM6KAQ: Surface mount technology

PLEASE NOTE: Because our meeting location is unavailable due to the coronavirus situation, this presentation will be webcast on the internet. See the IMPORTANT NOTE at the top of this page.

In this Show n Tell presentation, Mike will use his camera to show us how to do surface mount component removal and re-insallation without damaging the components or the board. He will also discuss surface mount component designations, proper handling, soldering tools, materials, and methods. This talk will not be a slide show, but instead will be an interactive discussion with the audience, so come prepared with your questions. Mike will be giving his talk via Zoom from Wisconsin.

Although Mike has been working in the electronics field for 30 years and holds an Amateur Extra Class license, he is a relatively new but very active ham, first licensed a couple of years ago along with his son. Mike holds a BSEE from Cal State Northridge and an MSEE from Alaska University. He served with the US Air Force for 5 years as a metrologist and special electronics engineer, where he attended the NASA High Reliability Soldering School. Since then he has done work in the automobile security industry, developing wide-band FM transceivers to provide local NTSC format video and audio for the film industry, and currently works for Halcyon Microlectronics, Inc. a company that does micro-electronics including surface mount component assembly and rework as well as packaging of chip die, which requires ultra-fine bonding of tiny gold wires between the chip die and the package/carrier pins.