February 25, 2020: Bruce Nolte N1BN: Power-user tips for repeater operation

Bruce Nolte N1BN has been interested in repeaters ever since getting licensed. These are the magic devices placed on mountain tops and tall buildings that extend the range of our radios. This fast paced discussion is well illustrated with photos and diagrams showing how repeaters work and how to make the best use of them It is presented as a forum, so feel free to interject at any time with comments or questions.

Bruce gained experience as a volunteer monitor for highway emergencies, for ten years on the W6FNO repeater system. And also served as a TORRA radio operator for the Rose Parade for 15 years. He has been a member of the Pasadena radio Club since 1988 and has held several board positions including club President in 2005.

Bruce has also designed the popular Los Angeles area repeater maps first distributed by Jun’s Electronics in 1989 and more recently from our own Pasadena Radio Club.

Bruce is a graduate of the Film School at CalArts and has worked in documentary film production for many years. Camera, lighting, sound and editing are his primary skills.