October 23, 2012: Ray Overman, KJ6NO: QSLing, Awards, and Wallpaper

Our speaker this month is our own Ray Overman, KJ6NO. Here is what he wrote about himself and about this presentation:

“I have been a ham since I was 11 years old. I was first licensed in 1958 with the novice call WV6WMS. I also held the call WB6STL and now have KJ6NO. I am also trustee for NV6C.

“Throughout the years I have operated CW, packet, psk31, AM, FM, SSB, Digital voice, and slow scan TV, operated HF mobile, contested on the HF Bands and contested vhf as a rover. I always liked getting QSL cards from the stations that I worked. Special event stations even give out certificates. Someday I will finish working all states by special event stations.

“This leads into my presentation about QSLing and other types of wall paper. I will present the different ways to qsl a station and what the qsl bureau is. How to use e-qsl and Log book of the world. Where to get qsl cards and how to use your computer to make them. How to locate the address of the station you are going to send a card to. I will also show some of the awards you can achieve over time. There might even be a surprise or two. There will a question and hope-to-answer session at the end.”