March 26, 2019: Jim Marr AA6QI: Inter-station interference during multi-station operations

Multi-multi operations exist when you have multiple transmitters on a single site with multiple operators transmitting simultaneously. Examples include Field Day, EmComm operations, club stations (e.g. JPLARC and CITARC), DXpeditions, and SO2R. During PRC Field Days, we have experienced significant inter-station interference, mostly due to our ignorance about how to address the interference. In his talk, Jim will discuss the factors that are important to consider, and how to reduce or mitigate the inter-station interference,  using preparations for this year’s Field Day as a design target.

Jim Marr AA6QI has been licensed since 1965 (formerly WB6LOA), but was relatively inactive through a substantial part of his working years. He is actively enjoying the hobby again since his retirement in 2015. Jim has a BS in Engineering and Applied Sciences, and an MS in mechanical Engineering from Caltech. He spent seven years with the U.S. Navy operating submarine nuclear propulsion systems, and four years with Tetra Tech, Inc., leading their Marine Systems and Services Department. He was with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory for 31 years, mostly in line and project management. A most significant experience was leading the team that reprogrammed the Galileo Jupiter mission spacecraft while in flight to Jupiter, while simultaneously redesigning NASA’s Deep Space Network to support Galileo’s mission at Jupiter using its S-band 7 dBi low gain antenna after its X-band 43 dBi high-gain antenna failed to deploy.