September 25, 2018: Bruce Nolte N1BN: W6KA Field Day 2018 — the movie

This month Bruce presents his latest movie — W6KA FIeld Day 2018. The evening will also feature other short Field Day films from local groups. A fun evening will be had!

Bruce has been a member of the Pasadena Radio Club since 1988 and has held several board positions, including club President in 2005. He has been making W6KA Field Day videos since 1994. Most of them are posted on his YouTube channel, and there are links to them from the video section of our library page.

Bruce is a graduate of the Film School at CalArts and has worked in documentary film production for many years. Camera, lighting, sound, and editing are his primary skills. He enjoys bringing his professional experieince to a ham radio event. Come and see for yourself!