August 28, 2018: Scott Bovitz N6MI: Almost 50 years in the dirt: Portable contesting and transmitter hunting with N6MI

Scott Bovitz (N6MI, borovitz.com) gets his “ham radio fix” by operating in intense periods, away from the distractions of city life. After watching Bovitz's fast-moving, humorous slide show, you may be inspired to join the hams who regularly operate in the local mountains and deserts. As he will tell you, “The time has come for every ham to drill a hole or two in the family truck, mount a radio, and get out of the house.”

Bovitz has masterminded HF and VHF contest operations (Field Day style) from 12 California counties and the Ham Radio Outlet parking lot in Anaheim. He will remind us that contest operating is fun, even for the casual operator and DX chaser. Some of his recent operations are documented at N6MI.com.

Bovitz has also been a mover and shaker in the "all day" transmitter hunting community since the 1980s. He has hunted more than 2,000 transmitters in California, Arizona, Nevada, and Utah. On August 25 (the Saturday before our meeting), be sure to listen for hidden transmitters on 146.565 MHz FM (the local transmitter hunting frequency). There are several transmitter hunts every month (t-hunter.org).

J. Scott Bovitz, N6MI has been licensed since 1969. He regularly participates in off-road transmitter hunts and contests (Field Day style) in a converted television news van/COW.