July 25, 2017: Clint Bradford K6LCS: You can work amateur satellites with just your HT

In this presentation, attendees will be shown EVERYTHING needed to work the FM voice ham satellites – with a re-occurring theme of, “Most hams already have most of the necessary equipment …” Attendees can download a four-page tutorial beforehand at …
… and Clint welcomes pre-presentation questions.
Call him at
909-999-SATS (909-999-7287), or send email to k6lcs@ham-sat.info.

Clint Bradford has been a licensed amateur since 1994, and involved with public service communications. Professionally, he was sales manager for ADI/Premier/Pryme, worked for Motorola a couple of years, and for Ham Radio Outlet a couple more. He lives in Mira Loma, California, with his wife, Karen, and their pets: a couple of cats, some koi, Karen's Icelandic horse, Mjollnir, and his donkey, Edward R. Burro. He is an ARRL Diamond Club member, and provides NASA/ARISS school technical support.