February 28, 2017: Diane Feinberg AI6DF: Why the 222-225 MHz amateur band is finally having its day

Until recently many hams shunned the 1.25-meter amateur band because little equipment was available for it. But things have dramatically changed over the past four years and Diana Feinberg, AI6DF, will speak on "Recent and Upcoming Developments in 222-225 MHz Amateur Radio Band" at the PRC's February 28 meeting. Her presentation will cover the unusual history of this amateur band, a recent threat it faces, and a review of the wide range of 222-225 MHz amateur transceivers now available

During 2014-2016 Diana also served as President of the 220 Spectrum Management Association of Southern California, the organization which coordinates amateur repeaters in this band across 10 counties and maintains the area's band plan. Additionally, as ARRL Los Angeles Section Manager since June 2016 she will briefly discuss some aspects pertaining to the ARRL and amateur radio in Los Angeles County.