September 22, 2015: Duane Mariotti WB9RER: The Future Obsolescence of Amateur Radio Emcomm

In less than twenty years cell phones have gone from basic communications devices to handheld multifunction communicators. Over the last decade significant funding has supported statewide, even regional, integrated two-way radio systems. Does amateur radio have a role with the new technical changes that will continue to improve communications infrastructure? Not if we as the amateur radio community continue to do the same over and over. In addition to providing a look into the future, this presentatiom provides concrete examples of how amateur radio emergency communicators will be able not only to meet but to expand the role of amateur radio emergency communications in the next decade.

Duane Mariotti WB9RER is an electrical/biomedical engineer. He has been involved with emergency communications for almost thirty years as an engineer, responder and policy leader. He has worked as an EMT, paramedic, firefighter, and been a college-level educator for biomedical technology and hazardous materials. Following 9/11 he served on several state and national committees improving hospital emergency preparedness and communications systems. Most recently Duane is a clinical engineer for Kaiser Permanente in Southern California, integrating medical technology into new facilities and patient safety initiatives. He is also the coordinator of the Kaiser Permanente Amateur Radio Network (KPARN).