June 23, 2015: Mark Weiss K6FG: Remote ham radio over internet

Mark Weiss K6FG will present a program that explains the setup of his HF station and demonstrates its operation remotely via the internet. Imagine being able to check into a local radio club net while aboard a cruise ship on the other side of the world. Well, Mark successfully did that using shipboard internet.

Mark is a native of Los Angeles. He was licensed in 1955 as KN6PBI, and attained his Extra Class in1959. He obtained a BSEE from UC Berkeley in 1964, and a JD from UCLA in 1967. He retired from the L.A. Superior Court in 2006. His primary ham radio interest is DXing.

In responding to questions about his amateur radio configuration, Mark commented as follows: My rig (IC-7800) is controlled by Icom's software, RS-BA1. My amplifier and my rotator are controlled via ethernet/RS232 devices that are connected to my router. No computer is used at the rig end of the internet connection; everything is done in the router. One of the issues I cover is the need to use a DDNS server to avoid the problem most of us have with dynamic IP addresses that our ISPs give us.