June 24, 2014: Harold 'Skip' Bolnick KJ6Y: Towers and antennas

Skip's profession is the installation and repair of amateur radio towers and antennas. In this presentation, he talks about his installation experience, discussing the various procedures, and the types of towers and antennas he has worked on, and presenting photographs showing his work.

Skip Bolnick is a past president of the Southern California DX Club, operating all HF bands, plus VHF and UHF. He has gone on several IOTA expeditions to Catalina Island (NA-066) and to Santa Rosa Island (NA-144). He's been to Prince Edward Island (NA-029) for work on the VY2TT super station, where he operated as VY2/KJ6Y. His wife Marilyn, KJ6YL (previously N6GIL), enjoys working DX, and like Skip, has DXCC. They both operated from Curacao at the PJ2T contest station.  Both of their daughters are also licensed.