June 27, 2023: Club members: Field Day 2023, individual experiences

PLEASE NOTE: Because our in-person meeting location is unavailable, this presentation will be webcast on the internet. See the IMPORTANT NOTE at the top of this page.

The goal of Field Day is to practice operating in less-than-optimal conditions. It's the single most popular on-the-air event. For this year's Field Day (June 24 and 25), instead of assembling in-person for a massive group event, individual hams will operate from their own locations, with individual methods of logging contacts.

And so, instead of having a guest speaker for our 7 p.m. meeting on June 27 (just a couple of days after Field Day), we would like to hear from you about your experience during Field Day 2023. This is what we did last year, when it was a delight to hear about all of the different ways that individuals participated — and had fun doing so. Let’s hear about the things that went right and the things that didn’t. You don’t have to be elaborate or prepare a slide presentation although you are welcome to do so if you want to. And it doesn’t matter whether you made one contact or a thousand, whether you used a simple HT, an HF rig, or whatever — we just would like to hear about your individual experience.

Every contact and every ARRL Field Day entry counts for our group of local participating clubs, which this year includes the Pasadena Radio Club (PRC), the JPL Amateur Radio Club (JPLARC), the Caltech Amateur Radio Club (CITARC), and the South Pasadena Amateur Radio Club (SPARC).