July 27, 2021: Scott Bovitz N6MI and Mike Nicastro KN6OGP: Field Day in the Mountains: Reports from KN6OGP (his first FD) and N6MI (his 52nd FD)

PLEASE NOTE: Because our meeting location is currently unavailable, this presentation will be webcast on the internet. See the IMPORTANT NOTE at the top of this page.

J. Scott Bovitz, N6MI, is a lawyer. Mr. Bovitz earned his novice license in 1969. Bovitz has been active in 52 ARRL Field Days. Bovitz affirms that, “Field Day has always been, and will remain, my favorite contest.”

Mike Nicastro, KN6OGP, is also a lawyer. Mr. Nicastro earned his technician and general class licenses in 2021. Nicastro was the Field Day safety officer, moved 780 pounds of gear all over the mountain, set up a kitchen (with mood lighting), cooked for the team, and made his very first ham radio contacts at the GOTA (Get on the Air) station at the seven person N6MI Field Day operation on Frazier Peak lookout.

In a fast moving and funny presentation, N6MI and KN6OGP will share their perspectives on a successful Field Day (with 2,380 contacts in Class 2A). Mr. Nicastro will confirm what you already know, “Field Day is absolute chaos.”

Mr. Nicastro would also like Mr. Bovitz to return his expensive shovel.

Come watch this entertaining and informative talk!